"Dowse This... Holistically Healthy" - Bonus Section

Here you will find various charts etc, for owners of the book "Dowse This... Holistically Healthy". The links supplied here will have passwords that are easily found in your books. If you are still unable to open the file please email me at charts [@] dowsethis.com with proof that you own the book and I will send you the password. Check back often as I will be adding various charts etc. occasionally. If you have an idea for a chart that I have missed that might benefit others feel free to contact me at the above email and make a suggestion for the chart you would like to share. If I too feel it would be a useful chart I will create it and offer it here as a bonus for folks who have purchased the books.

Bonus Items

~ Blank Charts - extra blank charts for you to use when creating your own custom charts.

You will find the password to open this document go to the 'Peface'> section "Dowse This... Holistically Healthy", it is the last word in paragraph two of that section.